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NSGA’s success is a remarkable story of the generosity and critical insight of a dedicated group of visionaries and supporters who created a cooperative development model that today commands international respect.

We are proud to have reached a point where NSGA’s programs are now being led and conducted by Gambians, who have gained the experience and skills to conduct the vital work of the organization on their own. We have reached a critical juncture, and by the end of 2019, we will do something that is rarely achieved in international development work. We will close our operation in Nova Scotia and transfer ownership and management of NSGA to our Gambian staff and a newly established Gambian Board of Directors. This is a big step and an immense achievement, and one for which we are extremely proud of our Gambian partners!

But to do so we need your help; check out our newsletter and final fundraising appeal letter, below, and please be generous!

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About the NSGA

The Nova Scotia Gambia Association (NSGA) is a Halifax-based NGO (and registered Canadian charity) operating in The Gambia, West Africa. Since 1985, the NSGA has worked with West Africans and Canadians to build healthy communities in The Gambia. NSGA’s projects emphasize the concept of learning through active involvement. We use drama and theatre, radio and community video shows, peer education, and community mobilization techniques to introduce our program topics. Our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gender equity
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Malaria prevention
  • Ebola prevention and education
  • Landmine sensitization and education
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Environmental education
  • Illuminating the successes of Canadian-African development efforts, combating stereotypes

The NSGA consists of an entirely volunteer Canadian Board of Directors; a Local Management Committee in The Gambia comprised of prominent and knowledgeable Gambians who provide advice and strategic direction; and an office staff of over 40 individuals who carry out our work in all six regions of The Gambia.

Specifically, the NSGA has engaged in Peer Health Education (PHE) in Gambian middle and secondary schools since 1990. In the 20 years following, we expanded to every junior and senior high school in the country. We have also recently launched a Community Mobilization program, which started in 2016 with 12 communities (villages). The NSGA works alongside the Gambia Teachers Union, Gambian Department of Community Development, local government Authorities, the village development Communities, and the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to target developmentally underprivileged communities and help them focus on evaluating and addressing their own needs, and help draw in resources from outside partners.

We are passionate about equality, education, and health. Our motto: “Learn and Teach Others“.

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